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The North Elevators Ltd., stands out for the design, supply, repair and maintenance of elevators, a wide range of solutions offered in the market, which allow the company to install the most suitable systems, according to specific requirements of the customers.
The elevator, from functional point of view, over the years, has become an increasingly architectural element and element to enhance its image. The company offers its customers a wide range of lifts, with various specifications, including:

  • Rope elevators
  • Hydraulic elevators
  • MRL Elevators

The escalators and moving walkways are the main points of reference in collective transport, used to direct users in and outside of the buildings.
The North Elevators Ltd. offers a wide range of products combining technology, style and design. The escalators and walkways are perfectly comply with current regulations and particularly suitable for installations at:

  • airports
  • shopping malls
  • exhibition centres
  • cinemas

The freight elevators are particular types of systems that require specific characteristics of robustness to ensure maximum strength and reliability. These plants have a high load capacity and larger cabin than traditional lifts.
Freight elevators are particularly indicated in structures where it is necessary to move large quantities of goods or people, as well as in factories, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

Dumbwaiters are small lifts suitable for solving problems of transport and lifting of materials and food. Such plants needs limited space and reduced time of installation.
Dumbwaiters are available in a wide range of different types and capacities, thus adapting to different environments: restaurants, bars, hotels, ships, yachts, etc.

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